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Hidrostal – a company investing in the future.



Since its foundation in 1957 by Martin Stähle in Peru, Hidrostal has been an independent, owner-operated company. At Hidrostal we have always believed that independence is a prerequisite to achieving our goals and that self-financing is the material basis of independence. Our independence guarantees we are able to take business decisions freely in the interests of our customers, employees and the company.

Swiss quality


High-quality products and a constant drive to surpass ourselves form the bedrock of the company. Swiss quality is our hallmark. We achieve this thanks to qualified and motivated employees, the best possible materials and intensive quality control. That is also why we invest in exceptional in-house manufacturing.

Moreover, when developing our products we always aim for high serviceability criteria, such as lifespan, cost-effectiveness and, of course, energy efficiency. Hidrostal pumps enjoy an exceptionally long lifespan and are very low maintenance.

Logical work planning and social responsibility

Of paramount importance is recognizing that everyone is an individual in their work and decision making. Employees act as individuals and not as representatives of a collective Group.

Companies bring together people with different goals and perspectives on life. Everyone tries to achieve their goals in different ways and also has different expectations. That is why Hidrostal promotes and rewards individual commitment and performance accordingly. And of course, as one of the largest employers and training providers in Switzerland’s Schaffhausen canton, Hidrostal is committed to stable employment.

Furthermore, Hidrostal promotes a sense of community and belonging within the company as people often spend more time with work colleagues than with their family.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Environmental protection and preserving the climate are of particular importance in our corporate culture and the owners’ mindset. Environmental protection and sustainability have been central to Hidrostal’s philosophy since the company was founded. This is reflected not just in strategies and corporate decisions, but rather can also be seen in the guiding values implemented by the owners and Hidrostal employees. Hidrostal products should be used for a meaningful purpose, contribute towards human health and protect the environment.

  • Hidrostal water purification products – Hidrostal pumps have been used in the sewage sector since 1967.
  • Carbon Footprint – Since its foundation in 1967, Hidrostal has heated its Neunkirch site (both production and office facilities) using a CO2 neutral woodchip heating system. Moreover, all of the electricity Hidrostal uses at our Neunkirch site, for both our production and office facilities, comes from environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral Swiss hydropower.
  • Solar power – We have also invested in solar panels to “produce” some of our own power in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Recycling – This is essential to Hidrostal because it not only reduces waste but also saves resources.

Hidrostal products have been sold in North America for the last 30 years through a distributor agreement with Weir/WEMCO.  This agreement expired at the end of 2015 an Hidrostal LLC has been established to take over the sales, service, and support of Hidrostal Pumps in North America.

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