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About Duperon® Corporation’s Wastewater Technology

Effective liquids/solids separation at your headworks is key to optimizing treatment processes. Duperon Corporation leads the wastewater treatment industry with innovative technologies and equipment that include fine and coarse mechanical bar screening, perforated plate screens, low flow bar screens, washer compacting and screenings conveyance.


Wastewater FlexRake® Technology Benefits

  • Engineered for your needs
  • Self-lubricating SSTL links
  • Eliminates confined-space entries
  • Runs 24/7 without an operator
  • Vertical and near-vertical applications
  • Energy efficient slow RPM motor
  • No lower sprockets, bushings or guides
  • Automatic, mechanically-cleaned bar screen
  • Toughest link system in the industry: 60,000 lb. ultimate strength
  • Sealed gear motors reduce wear
  • Self-cleaning, positive engagement screening
  • Jam-free design accepts small and large debris without shutdown, reversing or manual debris removal
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