Magnatex Pumps

Magnatex® Pumps are state of the art, heavy-duty, sealless, centrifugal, magnetic drive pumps, available in stainless steel, alloy, polypropylene or fluoropolymer-lined construction. Magnatex pumps are successfully operating in tens of thousands of applications worldwide, meeting tough pumping challenges for both low and high temperature liquids, from recovery solvents to heat transfer fluids, acids, bases, toxic, noxious and high purity fluids.

Magnatex Advantages

  • Rugged, reliable and proven design
  • Most complete range of products
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Highest level of customer service
  • Simple design with minimum number of parts and lowest cost of repair.
  • Highest MTBF ½ gallon up to 2000 gpm
  • Heads to 500 ft.
  • Minus 160 degrees F up to plus 750 degrees
  • Fractional horsepower up to 300 hp.
  • Patented Sic-X dry-run resistant bearings
  • Straddle mounted bearing design eliminates shaft deflection associated with the cantilever shaft designs
  • Very large inventory of pumps and parts available for quick shipment
  • Fractional horsepower up to 300 hp.
  • Over 100,000 pumps in service worldwide