Hydra-Cell Pumps by Wanner Engineering, Inc.

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Hydra-Cell Pumps are found in virtually every market sector of industry, but they all share the same concern; they all require pumps to keep their plants and equipment running… Reliably.

The Hydra-Cel

l pump has a thirty year history of doing just that. But today’s solutions don’t necessarily meet tomorrow’s critical application requirements. That’s why Wanner provides an on-going program of cooperative product development with our customers ranging from simple product modifications to completely customized pumping systems.

Hydra-Cell Pump Advantages:

  • High-Pressure D-04 operates at pressures up to 2500 psi.
  • Vertical Designs Simplifies installation for machine tool and similar pump applications.
  • Valves & Accessories Hydra-Cell pumps can be outfitted with a variety of options and accessories to complete your installation.
  • Welded Flanges Ideal for petrochemical and other critical installations.
  • Design Choices Wide selection of pump head, diaphragm and valve materials as well as optional mounting configurations.
  • Slurry Duty Pumps Handles the tough fluids that destroy most other pumps