Vaughan Pumps

Vaughan’s patented chopping action significantly reduces downtime by not only eliminating clogging problems, but also reducing downstream issues with solids. The built-in chopping design also eliminates the need for a grinder or comminutor to condition solids prior to pumping. The elimination of clogging issues means less manpower wasted unclogging pumps. All Vaughan chopper pumps are available with a written non-clog guarantee, which is your assurance of clog-free operation.

Vaughn Pump Advantages:

Hardened Wear Components: All Wear components are heat treated to minimum 60 Rockwell C Hardness.

Oversized Seal-and-Bearing System In order for seals and bearings to withstand the rigors of chopping and pumping high solids content slurries, they must also be oversized and designed for severe use.

Flushless Seals: Vaughan has developed a stainless steel cartridge mechanical seal with silicon carbide seal faces that withstands more abuse than any of the previously used single spring, bellows or other mechanical seal designs available.

High Efficiency: The patented semi-open impeller, with it’s cupped-and-sharpened vanes, maximizes the pumping efficiency while chopping solids with minimal energy usage.

External Adjustments: On most configurations, the E-Series design also incorporates a unique back pull-out plate with external adjustments of all critical cutting clearances.